Saturday, March 24, 2012

Translated, I'm told it means "Good". I would agree.

I got this YO SICK package in the mail today from BMX aficionado, zine master extraordinaire and fine bearded gentleman Prashant Gopal. The package chronicles the trip that him and his buddies took to Barcelona to ride BMX bikes and, from what I can deduce from the state of youth culture these days, drink a whole bunch of exotic Spanish beers and puke all over a whole new continent. At 32 pages, the 12th issue of YO SICK is an accomplishment. Inside you will find original drawings, bro-cam shots, an awesome layout and computer scans that accompany the general good vibes of the issue. And the DVD is chalk full of riders chipping awesome skate ledges with their pegged bicycles. hahaha just kidding. the riding is top notch and the soundtrack includes the Marvin Gaye track, "Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thing". So its settled then, no matter if you ride a BMX bike or a skateboard, Motown will go really really well with your video part. 
Psyched on the package buddy! Great to see yet another solid issue of YO SICK.

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